The future of communication today is video calling. Whether it's for business, job interviews, family reunions, even online dating, you deserve to look and sound your very best!
Watch this 28-minute video to learn the secrets to create video calls that make you look like a rock star!
Learn the 7 secrets to great video calls!
You're Gonna Learn
Camera angle is everything!
Once you know the secret to camera positioning, you will never hold your phone in your lap, or look down at the screen of your laptop. The right camera angle can make you look 10 years younger and 30 pounds lighter!
There are simple ways to control the lighting to make sure you look your absolute best.  You will learn to find the right light sources (you should have at least 3!) And then when you set up your video recording area, you will control how you look in an amazing fashion!
Learn the do's and don'ts of what you should wear to look your best and avoid clutter and distraction.  Learn which patterns should be avoided, and which colors and accessories work best on camera so you look like a movie star!  
Diane Huth, The accidental career coach
Diane coaches job search clients on how to look and sound their best on video for job interviews, and she is sharing this valuable training with you for free!

She is a media personality that has appeared on more than 150 TV and radio shows and podcasts, and has been coached by the best media trainers to master these skills - which she is sharing with you in this powerful video.
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